Have a great skiing in Cervinia!

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No doubt Zermatt offers a good number of excellent ski shops: we visit them quite regularly to check the new stuff but we never go shopping there. Why? Simply because of the strong Swiss Franc which makes their prices too high compared with the Italian ones. We also go very often to Chamonix (France) a real mecca for finding mountain and ski equipment. But over the years we have seen that our French friends have the nasty habit of sticking to list prices: to have a discount you must know someone or go to Vieux Campeur in Sallanches (half an hour of driving from Chamonix) and get a fidelity card which entitles you to a 10% discount.

So what we do? We ask our friends Max and Patrick of 4478 Infinite Sports in Cervinia. If they don’t have in stock what we need, they order it and in a few days we get what we want (with a discount).

When the season starts and we look around for a new pair of skis we find very handy to have the chance of testing various models with NolSki of Max and Patrick: if you like it you take it otherwise you simply pay the rent of the day.

All said, there are many other shops in Cervinia…


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