Have a great skiing in Cervinia!

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Better Cervinia or Zermatt?

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We like to ski down to Zermatt, leave the skis at the end of the slope and walk to “downtown” or reach it by e-bus: nice shops, great chocolates at the Coop, no cars around! So far so good.

But what to say about the crowds you find on the slopes, the high exchange rate, the food on the mountain? We are always upset when we see people eating spaghetti at Trockener Steg cafeteria…Why they do not opt for a bratwurst there and come to the great restaurants on the Italian side to get a decent pasta dish? Mah…

So if I was a money conscious tourist willing to spend a week of skiing I would stay in Cervinia and ski in both areas according with the meteo and the snow. You do not believe me? Read this article (Skiing: Cervinia or Zermatt?) on the british newspaper The Telegraph ;)


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