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Too cold and crowded?

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Yes, this season we had some very cold days (-25° at Plateau Rosa) and sometimes (especially on Sundays) we have some crowd on the slopes: it may happen to wait 20 minutes in queue at Trockener Steg to get the cableway to Klein Matterhorn… In January we also had many windy days with the result that the link to Zermatt was often closed. This last week was better than before with sunny days and good conditions and now we expect some snowfalls to refresh the runs and, especially, the glaciers…

Do you want to avoid frigid temperatures and crowds? Come to Cervinia at the beginning or at the end of the season! In November and in December before Christmas you generally find excellent snow (powder!) and pleasant temperatures. And if you like spring snow (firn!) and prefer to ski wearing just a lightweight shell come in April: days are long, very long and offpiste is fantastic! Also consider that both periods are “low season” and therefore much cheaper…


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