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All mountain skis we love

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A quick note about the skis we have most enjoyed. Consider that we ski a lot both in piste and off piste and we try to have equipment good for both, i.e. the so called all mountain skis.

A really all mountain ski is Salomon BBR 89: a strange shape of ski with a terrific radius (12 meters in 166 cm). The ski is really quick to turn and floats very well in powder. Corrado (my husband) skied with BBR all the past season and part of the current one, whereas I’ll stick to them for this season as I use them with great satisfaction in all conditions.

He was looking around for a stronger ski to use with hard packed snow. To make a choice we were reading various ski magazines and checking on blogs. The candidate was Salomon Enduro 850: today he got a pair from our friends of NolSki in Cervinia and he fall in love with it. Really stable and quick on groomed snow but also reliable off-piste. The only remark is about the weight: we are accustomed to light skis and this one is a bit heavy. He bought it!

A much lighter ski, perfect for short ski mountaineering trips is Dynastar Cham 97 HM: off-piste is a breeze but remains reliable on compact snow. The skis is mounted with Diamir Freeride Pro: a step-in binding perfect for using climbing skins. If you are not interested in using skins the ski is also available in a less light and more sturdy version: Dynastar Cham 97, perfect for freeride and piste as well.


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