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Dinner with Aosta valley delicacies

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Eating at home is anyway a good idea and if you are staying at Tour de Creton you have all you need to arrange a good dinner. And a dinner at home is a good opportunity to taste the Aosta Valley delicacies:

  • cheese: you cannot miss Fontina but ask for “fontina di alpeggio” i.e. the cheese produced during the summer when the cows stay on high elevation pastures. We also like toma di Gressoney from Gressoney valley
  • hams and cured meat: try Motzetta (made from beef or chamois meat, perfect with olive oil and mushrooms) but look also for Jambon de Saint Oyen (prosciutto di Saint Oyen) to enjoy with artichokes in oil. Last but not least, don’t forget Lardo (lardo di Arnad), it’s true cholesterol but delicious with honey and brown bread. If this issue is of some interest to you, read here.
  • cookies: besides the classic Tegole (a very thin cookie perfect to taste with coffee) enjoy Torcetti (the best ones are produced by Pasticceria Benedetto in Saint Vincent)
  • fruit: the Valley produces excellent apples of different varieties. You may also like dry apples: a healty snack albeit a bit fragile if put in your backpack while skiing…
  • honey: Cervinia is a bit too high for bees, but our friends Paolo Artaz & Monica Voncini (Lo Dzet, tel. ) produce an excellent miele in La Magdeleine (where we live). They also offer crema di nocciole (nut cream with honey): you may find all their specialties in the shop of delicacies on main street.
  • wine: why not start with a Muscat di Chambave (white, fruity, from Crotta de Vegneron) perfect also for the dessert, and then switch to a red like Torrette Superiore? With 8-9 € you may get a good bottle and save a lot compared with the price charged in restaurants… Here some information on wines of Aosta Valley.

You may find all these items in supermarket or in the well stocked grocery behind the church or if the lifts are closed why don’t get the chance for a trip to Le Pain de Coucou in Saint Pierre? It’s a big shop where you may buy jams, honey, wines, spirits, cookies, fruits, cured meats and cheeses produced in Aosta Valley.


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