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Theodulgletscher and Furgggletscher off-piste ski

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From the arrival of Furggsattel chairlift you may ski down on the piste at your left and leave the piste at the end of the rocky ridge. Note: you are on a glacier with crevasses! At this point you may ski down almost parallel to the piste or going about 200-300 m. to the left and rejoining the piste later (Theodulgletscher). Another possibility is skiing in direction of Matterhorn (Furgggletscher). You arrive at a big rocky spot in the middle of the glacier. If you stay on the right you may rejoin the Panorama piste which descends to Furgg station (gondola). To the left of the rocky spot you enter a wide area which leads to two moraines: isolated and beautiful.

ing towards Furgggletscher

to the left of the first moraine
to the left of the first moraine



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