Swiss pies are expensive

today we skied to Trockener Steg to test new skis offpiste. The best place to avoid rocks is Furggletscher so we went there. The snow on these northbound slopes was terrific: light powder!


After a few runs we decided to get a cup of coffee and a snack at the self service of Trockener. We got two cups from a machine and two slices of pie: 25,7 swiss francs equivalent to over 22,35 if you pay in Euros. In Italy the same stuff would cost between 12 and 15 Euros. To compensate for this difference you can only use the restrooms and take away some paper napkins… Next time we’ll put a thermos and a couple of snacks in our backpacks. Bye bye swiss pie!

Fantastic snow conditions in Cervinia


it’s November 18th but the conditions are better than in January. A lot of snow, beautiful weather, sunny, perfectly cold (-10 at 3480 m. of Plateau Rosa), no wind and only few happy skiers! Slopes are open from Plateau Rosa to Plan Maison and Cime Bianche Laghi. Also Goillet chairlift is open. Only Klein Matterhorn on the swiss side is closed due to maintenance. Snow is only natural, last week temperatures were to high to permit artificial snow making. The meteo for the next 7-8 days is good so think about skiing here…


Chalet for sale near Cervinia

We live in La Magdeleine, a small village (population 116) at 1680 m. on the south side of the valley going to Valtournenche and Cervinia (27 km.) directions:

Our chalet is really perfect for a family: quiet, sunny with a small garden and a beautiful patio and terrace. Inside you have a large living room with a open kitchen, a double mezzanine great to play and watch movies, 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, a sauna. But the place is too big for a couple (me and my husband) so we have decided to put it on sale: we would be happy if it could be filled with playing kids!



If you are interested more pictures and information are in this PDF file:

The price? 720.000 €






Better Cervinia or Zermatt?

We like to ski down to Zermatt, leave the skis at the end of the slope and walk to “downtown” or reach it by e-bus: nice shops, great chocolates at the Coop, no cars around! So far so good.

But what to say about the crowds you find on the slopes, the high exchange rate, the food on the mountain? We are always upset when we see people eating spaghetti at Trockener Steg cafeteria…Why they do not opt for a bratwurst there and come to the great restaurants on the Italian side to get a decent pasta dish? Mah…

So if I was a money conscious tourist willing to spend a week of skiing I would stay in Cervinia and ski in both areas according with the meteo and the snow. You do not believe me? Read this article (Skiing: Cervinia or Zermatt?) on the british newspaper The Telegraph ;)

April skiing in Cervinia

is simply fantastic! No wind, nice temperatures, few people and excellent snow: firn!


Firn snow makes offpiste skiing incredibly easy: you may go everywhere and traces are almost invisible! The photo above was taken on the left of Fornet chairlift.


Powder skiing in Cervinia

Yesterday morning the view from the window was promising: fresh snow all around! We were happy and so were the cinciallegre (Parus Major) having their breakfast!

Cinciallegra at breakfast

The day after (tuesday 26 February) has been a gorgeous day: cold, sunny, without wind and with powder. Finally a good day for Corrado to switch his skis and get my Dynastar Cham 97! We got the Plateau Rosa Cableway quite early and had the satisfaction of first tracks on Teodul couloir. On the second run my husband took this picture of me:

Skiing the Teodul

We then got the cableway again to ski down to Furgsattel Chairlift. The offpiste along the moraines was simply terrific: a few tracks but none around. We did it a few times waiting for lunch time: 1pm is the perfect time to get the Klein Matterhorn cableway without waiting in queue… So we skied down the offpiste on the glacier with perfect snow. Only three tracks before:


Caution: crevasses!

When back at Plateau Rosa the Ventina piste seemed OK but the spazzatura offpiste was in decent condition so we did it. It was fine but quite tracked… At this point a strudel at Cime Bianche Laghi was really deserved!  A last run to ski down to the car in Cervinia among people and ski classes was the most dangerous part of the day!

Too cold and crowded?

Yes, this season we had some very cold days (-25° at Plateau Rosa) and sometimes (especially on Sundays) we have some crowd on the slopes: it may happen to wait 20 minutes in queue at Trockener Steg to get the cableway to Klein Matterhorn… In January we also had many windy days with the result that the link to Zermatt was often closed. This last week was better than before with sunny days and good conditions and now we expect some snowfalls to refresh the runs and, especially, the glaciers…

Do you want to avoid frigid temperatures and crowds? Come to Cervinia at the beginning or at the end of the season! In November and in December before Christmas you generally find excellent snow (powder!) and pleasant temperatures. And if you like spring snow (firn!) and prefer to ski wearing just a lightweight shell come in April: days are long, very long and offpiste is fantastic! Also consider that both periods are “low season” and therefore much cheaper…


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